I, have become, Suddenly Glum.

Mood swing

Except now she’s 14.


I feel as though I had been there, on scene of the burnt shell of the Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags, recently. Seeing something so classic, loved, with brilliant memories held by many of earlier days, come to a sudden end is eerily similar to the days I remember of my daughter before her emotions toyed with the peace of our household.

Now, I have to tread carefully here because she will read this and if I’m not deft in my handling of this delicate issue, well, let’s just say that burned roller coasters will be the least of my concerns. (I love you, sweetheart!)

Before I get going too far, let’s have some back story. 1) Our daughter is incredible, honorable, respectful, chaste, law-abiding, modest, bold, tough, sweet, tender, has a crushing handshake and tickets to her own gun show. Genius, did I mention genius? She’s probably one of those, too. Also 2) my wife and I were her age once, with emotions bleeding out of our skin from psychotic levels of hormone free play and we were much, MUCH less judicious in the outward expression of their administration.

Now that we understand where we’re coming from, let’s proceed. The roller coaster analogy is apt in this area so let’s continue with it. Each day, there are highs and lows in her facial expressions, word choices and tone, posture, effort output and emotional status . . . let’s call them Focal Representations Using Internal Thought Yearnings (FRUITY). Like the roller coast in motion, her, dare we say, FRUITY-ness has a measurable impact depending on the velocity with which it might change direction, altitude or suddenly stop. Indeed, as with your favorite park ride, you may hear screams, shrieks, crying, laughing, possibly vomiting all within the space of a few minutes when the FRUITY is powered up. For others acquainted with this tumultuous ride, it’s not so much about getting on or off, trying to start or stop it but more to the point of giving it respect.

One of my favorite sayings in the bible is, “And it came to pass . . . ” A comedian once noted that it never says, “And it came to STAY.” These things move on, they go, eventually. Getting through it all intact, as a family, in love and with honor toward each other is the real challenge.

The rest is simply wiping some tears and cleaning up a little puke, now and then.

I love you, kiddo.